Multi-media Smart Blind Spot Screen

It is widely used for security surveillance of commecial truck, gas&chemicals truck, transportation truck, slag truck, engineering vehicle and city bus.
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Product Brief


Multi-media Smart Blind Spot Screen

HQG-BOS-6106am, equipped with quad CPU Cotex-A9(1.4GHZ), android V7.1,An on-board intelligent display screen integrated video and audio playback, radio, car navigation, Bluetooth communication, reverse blind area image, radar range monitoring, multi-channel video monitoring etc.It can be customized for customers with different sizes of high-definition capacitive touch screens, car-level applications, mobile phones display on screen, split screen display, dual screen different display and other rich extension functions. At the same time, it supports the connection with the driving recording terminal, access to the vehicle network, vehicle information display and other functions.

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Product Features


Quad CortexA9, 1.4GHz,16G eMMC ROM,expandable to 128GB;

Decode 1080P HD(H.264,VC-1, MPEG-1/2/4, VP8);

Built-in quad MALI400 GPU 3D,support OPENGL ES2.0/1.1,OPENVG


Smart vehicle OS,android V7.1

HD touch screen

capacitive touch screen, multi touch, gesture touch

7",10" and more sizes customized

1080P and more resolution options customized

Vehicle navigation

GPS+BD dual chipset

built-in truck navigation app, support map upgrade, traffic alert, vehicle navigation, map area planning

Video surveillance

Auto switch video channels of reverse, recording, blind zone

Support snapshot, upload to data center

Fast reverse display

Support 4 channels split 

 display reverse image

Rador monitor
  • Precisely measure the distance between obstacles and vehicles, advanced warning


Connect to tire pressure sensors, monitor tire pressure and temperature, abnormal pressure and temperature warning.

Support high temperature, low pressure and air leakage warning.

Radia chipset

Built-in FM/AM full range radio chipset, preset radio station unlimited.

Support auto search, manual search and memory display.

Bluetooth music display and phone call

Support bluetooth music display. 

Support bluetooth dial and phonebook inquiry.


All formats music play, video display and image explore

Input Mic, speaker,  amplifier

Output CVBS, TV

Split screen

Multi-function steering wheel

Information display

Connect t-box by RS232, USB, CAN, to display speed, fuel, status, alarm info, text message, driving monitor, self-inspection, fault alert.

Multi connectors

Support SD card, flash, movable HDD expandable and firmware upgrade

Collect data from tire pressure and fault sensors by CAN.

Detect multi-channel switch, reverse, left turn, right turn information are collected.

Phone display

Connect phone to screen by cable, all apps and functions are displayed and operate on screen , function is expandable.

Product Specifications

Operating temperature


Storage temperature




Rated voltage


Operating voltage


Limit voltage


Normal test voltage


Over voltage and low voltage protection

Voltage >36v or <9v, system starts protection.

Operating current


Stand-by current


Max useful output power

With 1kHz and 0dB signal dish, the output power is >= 20W when the output distortion is 10%.

Max output voltage

Input 27.6V,turns volumn button to max, output power<= 2*20W

System configuration memory

Customized configuration memory

Telecommunication control

Support J1939CAN protocol

Video central definition

Horizontal≥300(线) Vertical≥400(线)

Sync range of video scanning

Horizontal input range   ≥±200(Hz)

Horizontal keep range ≥±400(Hz)

Field sysnchronization range)≥60(Hz)(incl 50Hz)

Video color sync steability

Input rangee  ≥±200(Hz);

Keep range(standard 4.43361875MHz)≥±400(Hz)

  • Capacitive touch screen, multi-touch, gesture touch

Response time



Continuous touch 100,000 times

Screen precision deviation


Screen horizon request

≤1%;Scribing test to show lines without zigzag, broken line or curve

ACC response time

Response time≤0.1s

Start time ≤30s

Switching value

Threshold voltage threshold:8V








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